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The Master in Public Management major in Development and Security (MPM DevSec) is a joint program of the Development Academy of the Philippines (DAP) and the Armed Forces of the Philippines Command and General Staff College (AFPCGSC) through the approval of the Department Circular Nr 5. It is crafted as a twinning program for the mandatory mid-career course of AFP officers before they are promoted to "06" position. The intensive degree programs seek to build the competencies of future leaders within the overarching framework of development and security. The program believes that enduring peace and prosperity can be achieved only by melding and balancing the relevant and key substantive sub-fields of national security and national development into a focused, single-minded, and reasonably coherent whole.

Program Objectives

At the end of the twinning program, the student-officers should be able to:

1. Explain the basic concept, theories, frameworks, models, principles and dimensions of development and security;

2. Appreciate the institutional mechanisms of the nexus of development and security;

3. Analyze critical issues and concerns that impact in the development and security of the country;

4. Develop strategies, tools and techniques that will address and identify development and security issues and concerns;

5. Understand and develop skills in conflict management and peace building; and,

6. Use acquired skills in preparing and introducing strategic programs through the Development and Security Action Plan and Program that the AFP and other instrumentality of government can utilize.

Program Curriculum

The program is divided into core and major courses composed of twelve (12) modules. The program also includes a two-day course integration and an Action Plan and Project (APP). The APP is the thesis equivalent of the program and is termed as Commandant's Paper in CGSC.

Core Courses (15 Units)

PMC-201 Public Management: Theories, Principles and Innovations

PMC-202 Philippine Administrative System and Governance

PMC-203 Public Policy Analysis

PMC-204 Personal Efficacy and Leadership

PMC-205 Research Methods in Public Management 1 (APP 1)

Major Courses (21 Units)

PMM-211 Public Sector Human Resource Management and Development

PMM-212 Public Finance and Budgeting

PMM-213 Economics and Sustainable Human Development

GSC-226 National and International Security (NIS)

With Special Topics:

Peace Building and Conflict Management

Maritime Domain Safety and Awareness

Territorial Defense

GSC-227 International Relations and Geo-Politics
GSC-228 Domestic Politics and Nation-Building Initiatives
GSC-229 Psycho Socio-Cultural Dimensions of Development and Security

Action Plan and Project (APP) (Thesis Equivalent) (3 Units)

PM-300 Research Methods in Public Management 2 (APP 2)

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