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Stockpiling toward Urgent and Sustainable Health and Medical Supply Chain: Philippine Epidemic Preparedness, Response, and Management

                                              Dr. Maria Lourdes G. Rebullida                                            GSPDM Senior Fellow

In this policy brief, the author discusses the issues on health and medical resources that emerged at the onset of the community spread of COVID-19. She examines how COVID-19 has taken our health, logistical, and policy systems by surprise. She also describes the unfolding experience of the Philippines with COVID-19. To enrich this, she presents key insights from the situation of countries such as Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore, and Italy. 

The author’s approach is to formulate a Philippine Legislative Response that addresses the structure of the healthcare supply chain and confronts observed gaps. She recommends that government take a strategic role in engaging stakeholders, ranging from civil society and non-governmental organizations to the public and private sectors, in an orchestrated effort to fortify all nodes in the medical and health supply chain. She envisions a sustainable national stockpile of health and medical resources towards greater Philippine resilience to pandemics.

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Facing the New Normal: Governance Policy Foresight Responses on the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

Next Steps after the Enhanced Community Quarantine (ECQ)

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